HOMETUNE - Motoring Services
Don't get left out in the cold this winter, give your vehicle a HOMETUNE winter check so you can drive with peace of mind. 
HOMETUNE winter check includes :
  1. Carry out battery and alternator test
  2. Check all exterior lights
  3. Check tyre tread depth
  4. Check and adjust tyre pressures
  5. Top-up washer bottle with screenwash
  6. Check fan belt
  7. Check the condition of wiper blades
  8. Check power steering fluid level
  9. Check engine oil level
  10. Check brake fluid level
  11. Silicone lube door locks
  12. Visual check of brake pads
  13. Change coolant and replace with 50/50 mix of long life RED anti-freeze
This is inclusive of labour and anti-freeze.
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